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Adopt a tree

All humanity has to take action in the face of environmental problems and in the one that plays a more important part in global warming such as environmental pollution, since this problem generates other impact problems on the air, water, soil, plants And animals. For this reason, it is essential today more than ever that man develop and promote strategies to try to minimize the ecological crisis that puts life itself and the stability of the planet at risk.


Adopt a Tree is a fun arborization program, in which trees are planted with the responsibility of the user, that is, a tree adopted by children, adolescents, young people or adults, who are filled out a care commitment form and protection, and includes the description of the general and location of the tree plantation.

In this sense, trees are a solution to combat environmental problems and to achieve an ecological balance on the planet. These battle against many environmental problems such as global warming, erosion, desertification, fossil fuels, air pollution, deforestation, forest fires, among many others that are destroying the quality and oxygen of the earth.

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