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MUNA: Napalua Women

The empowerment of women and gender equity are two key aspects in the projects developed by the Foundation, which is why women play a fundamental role in the objectives of each program that is carried out. Thinking about this, appropriate development strategies have been established for society and the reality in which women live in our country, and to guarantee that they share equally, the "MUNA" program has been created, whose objective is to strengthen mental health. and emotional health of women in a safe environment free of prejudices and social stereotypes through periodic empowerment meetings, re-education on human rights and gender equality, and the empowerment of social and emotional skills.

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We work so that all women know how valuable they are, and everything they can do for themselves to fully develop as people and be happy. We are aware and convinced that, with prevention strategies and attention to the phenomenon of violence, which begins in families, we can generate through our programs a culture of peace, equity, and respect among all human beings, always looking to the woman as what she is; a person of equal dignity to man and of incalculable value. Our goal continues to be to expand our programs with the support of international cooperation and Local Governments to benefit the population of less favored women from communities in our country.

Practice has shown that promoting women's participation in social activities can effectively raise their status, while greatly improving productivity and socio-emotional vitality.

Through this program we defend the rights and interests of women, reinforcing their active capacity, raising their level of participation in different areas within Salvadoran society.

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