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Promotion of gender equality and empowerment of women in rural municipalities of El Salvador

The project supports the coordinated work methodology between the different municipal services and other entities and promotes participation and local development, giving "voice to women" at all times.
This project has been designed to address gender equality in a broad and holistic manner and contributes to respect for the civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights of women and girls.

The project aims to promote gender equality and the empowerment of young women, through the deployment of organized and planned actions, aimed at changing the ways of thinking and acting  in relation to the environment of the rights of the woman.

We elaborate local gender equality policies, where women take part in the processes so that they are protagonists in solving their needs and that they advance in the construction of the bases of their own development.


Likewise, we will strengthen the community organization with the active participation of women   in TRAINING workshops, as support for the improvement of psychosocial skills, building with women topics such as national reality, self-esteem, concepts of gender, gender and intrafamily violence, Rights, among others; which will affect the improvement of its position.

We will carry out awareness campaigns on gender violence in city halls, schools and public institutions located in the territories, we will educate the young population of both sexes based on the value of equality, to use non-sexist language, promoting equality at home , in schools, work, supporting the assumption of responsibilities equally.

These actions will contribute to raising awareness of gender inequalities and the consequences that gender violence, trafficking for the purposes of sexual exploitation, social exclusion, wage inequality, lack of reconciliation measures, etc. have on women.

Vocational learning will be developed such as computer courses and cosmetology, sewing and screen printing workshops that allow women, from their particular realities, to generate their own income that leads to improving their economic and academic condition.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also put our psychological well-being to the test and there is only one way to preserve it: take care of our mental health, we will promote mental hygiene as the key to achieving emotional balance and improving the quality of life of the young population of these municipalities through talks on good habits that allow them to enjoy good mental health and be in harmony with their sociocultural environment, also providing psychological first aid and learning in art therapy workshops.

The proposal seeks to concretize the gender approach that promotes equitable and egalitarian participation in development processes by empowering women in all fields, favoring their participation in decision-making and the assumption of positions of responsibility, promoting their access to all resources (economic, psychological, cultural, technological, etc.), and the fight against all forms of discrimination and violence.

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