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Sexual abuse and child mistreatment can occur and mutate in different areas of society, for which the situation of violence in the most vulnerable population affects both their Human Rights and the environment in which they develop. Children have been and continue to be victims of multiple forms of violence, for which both the State and the family are responsible. In El Salvador, the child population is made up of 35% of the total population at the national level and according to UNICEF data, 70% of children in El Salvador are affected by violence within their homes, becoming one of the most worrying figures that indicate the impact of violence on children.



This is a program aimed at the prevention of child sexual abuse and maltreatment, which brings together the integration of constructivist theories based on a holistic approach in which children can develop their learning through interactive and playful workshops that encourage the development of self-protection behaviors in children, instilling and guiding minors, to a trained and responsible behavior, assessing self-esteem, attending to the trilogy of being, knowing and doing of the individual; This is how we allow them to develop social skills and an adequate emotional intelligence that enables them to defend themselves against present and future aggressions and encourages them to achieve full development in all stages and areas of their lives.

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In the same way, this program includes, in a comprehensive way, talks with parents that serve as a guide and support in raising awareness about the consequences associated with physical punishment, providing them with positive and non-violent forms of education; as well as advice to teachers and facilitators, pretending that they actively participate in the prevention of child abuse, early detection and training of children for their own protection.

"Holistic Education or holistic learning or integral education is an educational philosophy and constructivist form based on the premise that every person finds their identity, the meaning and meaning of their life, through ties with the community, the natural world, and human values such as compassion and peace. It is a complete and inclusive education, which seeks to awaken an intrinsic devotion to life and a passion for learning"

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