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We are a non-profit foundation, declared legally established on September 7, 2016, self-governing based on its statutes and internal regulations.

Fundación Internacional Legado: Programa Superpeques
Fundación Internacional Legado: Programa Adopta un árbol
Fundación Internacional Legado: Programa Prevención de la violencia
Fundación Internacional Legado: Programa MUNA
Fundación Internacional Legado: Clínica Psicológica

Our programs

Our programs are designed under the psychological approach and the concept of global health, components that are necessary in our country; understanding by physical health the optimal physiological functioning of the organism; defining mental health as the psychological balance of the person; and considering social health as the ability to interact appropriately with people and the context, satisfying interpersonal relationships. 

Mental Health

Our foundation offers psychological clinic services to care for people's mental health, recognizing the importance of their emotional well-being.

International cooperation

We work with different entities at an international level to develop and execute projects for the benefit of those who need it.



If you want to know more about the activities we carry out, our updates and announcements and social networks.

Institutions that support us

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Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza
Fons Pitius de Cooperacio
Ayuntamiento de Utrera
Consell  d'Eivissa
Ajuntament D'Eivissa
Fundación Paz y Solidaridad
Ajuntament de Sant Antoni de Portmany
Fundación Internacional Legado
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