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Our programs

At Fundación Legado we want to leave a mark on the world through service

We believe in the power of well-designed and executed programs to create a positive and lasting impact on communities. Through our initiatives, we strive to address the world's most pressing needs, promoting solidarity, community support and mental health.

FundaLegado: Programa Superpeques

Program for the prevention of sexual abuse and child maltreatment.

FundaLegado: Programa Prevención de la violencia

Program for the prevention and reduction of youth violence.

FundaLegado: Programa MUNA

Program aimed especially to benefit women.

FundaLegado: Programa Adopta un arbol

Tree planting program, in which trees are planted responsibly 

Clínica Psicológica Legado

"A positive mind not only changes your body but also the world"

Fundación Internacional Legado
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