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Psychological Clinic

Mental health impacts every area of our lives, good mental health is reflected in everything we do, think or say.


Anyone can enjoy the benefits of psychotherapy, whether you want to set life goals, establish healthy relationships, start your career adventure through a vocational process, etc. You don't need to be in a crisis to seek professional support.

Clínica Psicológica Legado

Psychotherapy is a process of exploring one's own values, life circumstances and emotions. By increasing your understanding of yourself, relationships, and other important factors, the goal is to improve your overall quality of life. Therapy is tailored to your specific needs and goals and can focus on the individual or family to improve mental health and emotional well-being.

Mental health is the state of balance between a person and their sociocultural environment that guarantees their work, intellectual and relationship participation to achieve optimal well-being and quality of life. Everyone has emotional challenges, but if people are proactive about their mental health, they can prevent their concerns from becoming a bigger problem. 

Mental health and emotional well-being are essential for achieving a full life, which is why the Foundation undertook the adventure of setting up a space for psychological care (face-to-face and online) that provides personalized, ethical, and professional services.

If you've never been to psychotherapy before, the thought can be intimidating, you may not know what to expect or feel embarrassed, but your mental health comes first.

La salud mental y el bienestar emocional son indispensables para el logro de una vida plena, es por ello que la Fundación emprendió la aventura de habilitar un espacio de atención psicológica (presencial y en línea) que brinda servicios de forma personalizada, ética y profesional.

Clínica Psicológica Legado

Nuestros servicios


Terapia individual

Terapia de pareja

Life coaching

Trabajamos la resolución de conflictos, mejorando la comunicación y fortaleciendo las relaciones.

Terapia personalizada para abordar desafíos emocionales y conductuales, promoviendo el bienestar.

Guiamos el crecimiento personal y profesional, empoderandoles para una vida más satisfactoria.

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