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Rehabilitation and inclusion of people with disabilities in the municipality of Arcatao

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Given the poverty conditions of the population of the municipality of Arcatao, the same population identified as one of the priority needs: the implementation of a training and rehabilitation strategy aimed at people with disabilities, since as a municipality far from the capital city, people with disabilities are the ones who lacked the most access to appropriate medical care and rehabilitation services, there was no assistance and information office for people with disabilities in the municipality.

As a consequence of this, people with disabilities have more problems reaching and maintaining an optimal level of autonomy and health, because the lack of services hinders their full inclusion and participation in all aspects of daily life.


A bigger obstacle identified by the same inhabitants of the Municipality, is that of
living in a place that does not contemplate them from its architecture and public transport, an educational system that expels them, a labor market that does not match their possibilities, which results in people with disabilities suspected of not being good professionals, and in Most of the cases this affirmation is true, not because they cannot become it, but because the social conditions are not given so that they can even try it. 

This project mainly framed rehabilitation, which consisted of developing concrete actions that facilitated comprehensive rehabilitation and social inclusion, education and training, as well as the productive insertion of people with disabilities in the project's area of influence.
Promote, accompany and lead the efforts in order to provide people with disabilities in Arcatao with spaces for information access and inclusive participation in psychosocial fields, within society.

We work with the community-based rehabilitation method, which focuses on improving the quality of life not only for people with disabilities, but also for their families, combining the efforts of their families and the community.

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