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Introduction of drinking water in the Las Marías community, San Jerónimo canton, in the municipality of Guazapa, El Salvador

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The project consisted of:
The drilling of a 70 meter deep well with a diameter of 4” PVC casing, with a gravel filter, flow rate between 30 and 50 GPM.

Subsequently, a 5 HP submersible pump was installed; 5 HP 230 V, 1 PHASE 3 Wire submersible motor; 5 HP 230V control box; Submersible cable 8 x 3 double jacket; 2” check valve; Automatic starter for 5 HP single-phase motor; Pressure Switch 40-60 Squard; Ø 2” PVC pipes with thread for submersible pump; Male-female adapter; Stainless steel coupling section; 2” bronze check valve; 2” metallic ball valve; Electrode cable; Splice kit for submersible motor; Pressure gauge from 0-300; Sanitary seal for well and galvanized unloading tree.


 a 1.60-meter pumping house was built. front by 2.00 meters long for the pumping system; Secondary electricity installation-120/240V, with lightning rod, control panel and pressure switch.

1,100 linear meters of Ø 2” 160 PSI PVC distribution pipe were installed, placement of 37 connections with 37 micrometers and a control valve with a home box to control consumption and avoid waste.

The excavations and compaction of the trenches were carried out with the self-construction methodology, that is, the beneficiary families participated, so that they are protagonists in solving their needs, allowing them to advance in the construction of the bases of their own development.

Likewise, it contributed to the strengthening of the community organization, part of the efforts were focused so that the families and specifically the women increase their organizational capacity, for this the following was carried out:

  • Formation and training of the Water Committee with gender equality, which was responsible for the administration and maintenance of the infrastructure created.

  • Development of training sessions for beneficiary families on the proper use of water, gender equality and maintenance of the system created.

  • Development of arborization days with the purpose of helping to conserve the water source and the stability of the land.​

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