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Prevention of pregnancy in adolescents with a gender perspective and a human rights approach

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Through this project we seek to promote prevention and awareness actions for the eradication of violence against women in the Municipality of Guazapa”, contributing to the empowerment and elimination of violence that affects well-being and physical, intellectual, creative, mental and emotional development. of women, specifically adolescents and young women from the municipality of Guazapa located in the department of San Salvador.

We work on the prevention of early pregnancy as an indicator of sexual violence in adolescents and young women, which is not always considered as such and is not reported, through the implementation of two lines of action from a psychological perspective, such as :

  • Awareness and training in the legal framework for the prevention of gender violence, sexual reproductive health and emotional well-being aimed at young people and adults of both sexes;
    Development of positive leisure activities with dance, music, aerobics, and volleyball classes that allow for physical and emotional well-being; Likewise, we have incorporated the theme of the arts as a strategy for prevention and collective effectiveness of adolescents and young women. In this way of working, the participants will have the option of reflecting on their lives, introspecting, finding meaning in your life, develop autonomy and use art as a form of self-help. 


The implementation of these lines of action is intended to: generate a positive impact on the decrease in the rates of violence and pregnancy in adolescents in the municipality of Guazapa, based on the empowerment of knowledge of their rights, young women will be able to denounce everything type of harassment and violence normalized by the patterns of machismo that have characterized Salvadoran society. Therefore, this project is an opportunity to eliminate unequal structural power relations between men and women, also contributing to community organization and the articulation of efforts to guarantee a life free of violence for women and the guarantee of their fundamental rights. both in public and private spaces.

The direct beneficiaries of the project are 500 adolescents and young women, however, the total number of direct participants that are expected to benefit from the project activities are 900 young men and women between the ages of 14 and 19 residing in the town. urban area of the municipality of Guazapa.

The indirect beneficiaries of the project are approximately 4,500 among whom are parents, teachers of educational centers, community leaders, women and men living in the urban area of the municipality of Guazapa.

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