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Introduction of drinking water in Caserío Hoja De Sal, Municipality of Santiago Nonualco, El Salvador


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The project consisted of building a drinking water system in the Hoja de Sal hamlet located in the northern part of the municipality of Santiago Nonualco, through the extraction of water from the existing well.
The excavations and compaction for the placement of pipes were carried out with the self-construction methodology, that is to say that we have the participation of the beneficiary families, so that they are protagonists in solving their needs and that they advance in the construction of the bases. of his own development.

We have especially strengthened the organizational fabric, specifically in the creation of the  Water Committee, which will be responsible for sustaining the infrastructures created and their maintenance at the end of the project; Likewise, in conjunction with the community, a massive reforestation campaign was carried out in green areas and lots in the Hoja de Sal hamlet  and repopulate with fast-growing trees in order to capture and guarantee water in the area. 


Part of the efforts were focused on 140 families from the Hoja de Sal Village strengthening their capacities oriented towards adequate practices on the valuation, efficient use and saving of water, while promoting knowledge about gender equity and the importance of the role of women in the family and in society.

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